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About the Project

A first segment of this proposed collection includes documents that pertain to the legacy of Marx and Freud (but also Lenin and Lacan) in Latin America. In particular, the complete collection of the journal Los Libros in Argentina, which played a key role in intellectual life, and still continues to do so today, even though very few people in the world have access to it now. This journal, which was closed by the military Junta in 1976, combined literary and cultural analysis with an increasingly political interrogation of events both in Argentina and abroad. Gathering some of the foremost important intellectuals, writers, and critics, including many of the leading voices of the public sphere today, this journal also was the breeding ground for what would later become Punto de Vista, perhaps Argentina's most significant cultural-political forum of the last three decades.

In Mexico, as in many other countries from Latin America, weekly literary and cultural supplements to newspapers often played a pivotal role in the definition of an independent intellectual sphere in the second half of the twentieth century. One such supplement, La Cultura en México, which comes with the periodical Siempre! for about two decades, between the 1960s and mid-1980s, was a good example of this phenomenon. Under the editorship of the chronicler Carlos Monsiváis and then of the bestselling novelist and historian Paco Ignacio Taibo II, in particular, La Cultura en México brought together the best the country had to offer in terms of literary criticism, cultural analysis, and political commentary. During his tenure, this supplement combined a particularly interesting angle of international detective fiction, or roman noir, with a progressive political commitment to the dramatic events unfolding in Central and South America. Outside a few libraries in Mexico, however, this collection is nearly impossible to consult.